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Bohemian Charm Thai Copper Turquoise Woven Bracelet

Product Details

Vintage Echoes

Through the sands of time, the Bohemian melody plays a timeless tune, traversing the dust of history into the modern era. This bracelet, with its unique vintage copper beads and Thai wax rope craftsmanship, narrates a renaissance of ancient culture.

Artisan's Touch

Each turquoise bead is meticulously chosen, paired with finely polished copper accessories, where the details showcase the artisan's exquisite skill. The handwoven wax rope encircles them, embodying the craftsman's boundless imagination for a beautiful life.


  • Chain Length: 18.5cm
  • Materials: Copper beads, Turquoise
  • Color: Gold/Silver

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Gift of Nature 

The selected turquoise, a gift from nature, displays distinct layers of beauty with its natural textures and hues under various lighting. The copper beads, through wear and interaction, gradually reveal a unique patina that speaks of the passage of time.


Elegance in Adaptability 

Inspired by the free-spirited Bohemian ethos, this bracelet is designed to bring a casual yet elegant flair to the modern woman. It complements both casual attire and formal wear, allowing the wearer to express their unique style with grace. These product introductions encapsulate the story and the essence of the bracelet, providing potential customers with a rich narrative and detailed insight into its craftsmanship, materials, and style.

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