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Enamel Hearts of Affection S925 Bracelet

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Whispers in Sterling Silver

Adorning the "Enamel Hearts of Affection S925 Bracelet" is akin to wearing a soft melody in silver. Crafted from S925 sterling silver, the bracelet's minimalist bead design not only reveals a timeless luster but also embodies an unspoken elegance. It represents a yearning for a refined life and an expression of pure love.

Emotional Enamel Connection

Each enamel heart charm serves as a messenger of emotion. Whether it’s the warmth of pink or the serenity of blue, each color is a pledge of love, conveying different messages of affection. The heart's shape, delicate and endearing, allows for every touch to resonate with tenderness from fingertips to the heart.


  • Chain Length: 16-19cm
  • Materials: Silver
  • Color: Pink/Green/Red

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Simplicity with Depth 

This bracelet embodies the philosophy of simplicity, illustrating the fashion tenet that less is more. The meticulous arrangement of beads and the subtle addition of heart charms create a harmonious and elegant composition, suitable for any occasion, highlighting the wearer's unique taste at every moment.


A Versatile Style Statement

The "Enamel Hearts of Affection S925 Bracelet" is more than just an accessory; it's a declaration of style. Perfect for casual everyday wear or formal gatherings, this bracelet complements any outfit, becoming an essential highlight. It proves that true style lies not in complex adornments but in the simple details that touch the heart.

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