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From Chains to Pendant Necklaces: 4 Necklace Trends For This Year

Now, obviously we live for trend reviews, and today we are digging into the necklaces that gained momentum at the top of the year. To date, a whirlwind has been blowing around the necks of IT girls around the world. While jewelry trends don't cycle as quickly as clothing, we've still noticed a few that are particularly popular.

Among other things, pearls have made a strong comeback - this time shedding their dull, primitive trappings for amorphous shapes. Pearls are also set to shine this season? The statement chain is one of our personal favorites, the nameplate necklace. There's more, so keep scrolling to see all the styles we're predicting.

Pearl necklaces never really fade, and we've seen several iterations of them over the past few years. What caught our attention? Irregularly shaped pearls, free from their original and proper image.

What makes pendant necklaces so special is that they can be worn alone as a statement or layered with other necklaces for a more textured and creative look. Either way, it's safe to say they've become the must-have accessory of the season. Ahead, we've found the best pendant necklaces to buy right now.

Whether long or short, decorative or minimal, each of these pendant necklaces is a standout accessory on its own or paired with other necklaces. Check out our 3 best pendant necklaces and find the accessory you don't want to take off.

If you want to look expensive, get a tennis necklace. Simple and elegant, it's a timeless classic for a reason. But in terms of its timeless appeal, we've noticed this style popping up all over the fashion world. Instead of keeping it strictly for black-tie occasions, put a new twist on it by pairing it with your favorite casual pieces like a simple crew neck sweater or tank top.

The fashionista's starter kit includes chunky chain necklaces. It appears in almost every pretty outfit photo we tweet, and with such a versatile piece, it's easy to see why. While a statement piece on its own, it can easily be mixed and layered with your favorite delicate pendant. The key is to be bold and use large blocks of large links in simple or complex arrangements.


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